The binsec academy is a platform for online training in the IT security sector that allows you to expand your knowledge with our course materials and gain hands-on experience in your lab environment. Whether you want to advance professionally or learn new skills, we offer very effective quality courses. Take a look at our courses:

Pentest Training

Take on the role of a penetration tester. Learn how to infiltrate and take control of networks, systems and applications in our extensive lab environment. See the difference between hacking and professional penetration testing.

  • Penetration testing of a fictitious company
  • 60-day access to the lab
  • Gain practical experience

Pentest Exam (BACPP)

After completing pentest training, you are ready to successfully carry out a pentest. You will be performing a penetration test on a fictitious company network and applications. Once you pass the test, you will be awarded our BACPP certificate.

  • Practical certificate examination
  • 5-day access to the lab
  • BACPP certificate

Secure Coding Training

Learn more about secure coding techniques and the most common security risks for web applications. Learn how to identify and fix common vulnerabilities in web applications and put this knowledge to use.

  • Learn about OWASP's Top 10
  • 20-day access to the lab
  • Choose PHP, Python, Java or other languages